This methodology has been developed by a group of educators, academics and civil society actors. This is an ongoing process that you are warmly invited to take part in!

School of Politics and International Relations
Nottingham University

The Centre was created in November 2005 by researchers with an interest around the theme of social and global justice in the School of Politics and International Relations at the University of Nottingham . One of its dimensions is the development of large-scale research into perceptions of poverty and development. In this regard, the centre became the base for the ESRC/DFID research proposal "From charity to interdependence: Perceptions of poverty and responsibility for its alleviation" that is part of the OSDE.

OSDE is an independent collective initiative that originally started as a development education project with MUNDI (an educational NGO in Nottingham) through the Other Worlds and Learning about Others DFID funded educational projects. Since 1 December 2005, the Centre for the Study of Social and Global Justice has become the institutional host for the OSDE initiative.






Plenary on Adivasi issues
WSF 2004 (Mumbai)

Campaign against Arms Trade
WSF 2004 (Mumbai)