This methodology has been developed by a group of educators, academics and civil society actors. This is an ongoing process that you are warmly invited to take part in!


Teacher Education
The units available on this site are copyleft.
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These units follow the OSDE procedures for teacher education/HE/adults:

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  1. Engagement with stimulus (prompting cognitive dissonance) & Airing of views - in pairs
  2. Informed thinking -where to find out more
  3. Reflexive questions - individually (related to own perspectives)
  4. Open Space questions -in small groups (focus on different logics and power + origins and implications of perspectives)
  5. Airing of burning questions and views
  6. Responsible choices -in small groups (decision making processes related to the theme)
  7. Debriefing (reflection on learning process and quality of space)

Other suggestions for stimulus (film):

American History X (racism), Fight Club (violence), What the bleep do we know? (knowledge/science), City of God (violence/inequality), Bus 172 (violence/inequality), Crash (interdependence/complexity)








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